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RPA say they have paid 70% of commoners some of their BPS 2016

We have heard from the Foundation for Common Land (FCL) that the RPA have made substantial progress in paying commoners their BPS 2016.

FCL together with the NFU and Central Association of Agricultural Valuers (CAAV) met with the Rural Payments Agency between Christmas and the New Year to monitor progress on paying BPS on common land.

RPA still finds excuses for their poor delivery of BPS 2015 on commons

Our local MP Tim Farron has been working hard on our behalf to get explanations to our questions on non-payment of BPS on common land. See below for the latest round of correspondence.

Mark Grimshaw invited to Cumbria to discuss non payment of BPS on commons

The Federation along with NFU and CLA have sent a joint letter to Mark Grimshaw, CEO RPA asking for answers to a number of issues about payment of BPS 2015 and inviting him to come to meet with representatives of the farming community in Cumbria to discuss the current situation regarding non-payment of BPS on common land. 

The letter:

Dear Mr Grimshaw

BPS payments issues for commoners

Commoners need to inform RPA NOW if their 2015 payments is incorrect

We have heard from the RPA that not many commoners have contacted them about mistakes in their 2015 payments. If you suspect that your payment is incorrect then you must let RPA know as soon as possible.

You can phone them on 03000 200 301, e-mail or write to Rural Payments Agency, PO Box 69, Reading, RG1 3YD

RPA to publish information to help commoners understand payments

We received a response from Mark Grimshaw, CEO, RPA to our e-mail on July 27th. In brief he acknowledges our concerns and as usual tells us that RPA is working hard to get the payments right.

If you think that you haven't been paid the right amount then you must get in touch with RPA as soon as possible.

BPS 15 payment concerns

We are hearing concerns from you about BPS 2015 payments. There are still a few commoners who haven't received a penny. While many of you will have received some or all of your payment, most farmers are not clear how the payment is made up, and whether it is accurate.

We know there is substantial variation amongst fell farms in terms of their commercial performance, most fell farmers farming common land could not survive in their present form as a commercial business without public payments.

RPA announce bridging payment

In case you haven’t heard, yesterday Mark Grimshaw announced that RPA will be making 50% bridging payments to commoners and others who haven’t received a BPS15 payment yet – see .

RPA even further away from paying BPS 15 on commons

A press release from RPA yesterday revealed that around 3,500 claims from landowners with rights to common land are yet to be paid.

Commoners continue to bear the brunt of the RPA  fiasco and unfortunately there is not much light at the end tunnel.

Watch chief of RPA get a gruelling by Commmons Select Commitee - EFRA

There are 4,800 commons claims that haven't received BPS 2015 payments yet.We are doing our best to put pressure on RPA, along with others.

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