Cumbria Commons Council Consultation

Green light to establish a commons council

After months of waiting we now have the go-ahead from Defra to create a commons council. If all goes well, the Secretary of State will make an Establishment Order this autumn to create the council.

Many commoners’ associations have already told us they do want to join the council. Some of you are still considering your options. This may be your one and only chance to be part of the commons council.

More commoners' associations have expressed an interest in being part of a commons council

The list of commoners' associations interested in being part of a Commons Council is growing and now includes:

Buttermere, Brackenthwaite and above Derwent Association

Bampton Commoners' Association

Crossfell Commoners' Association

Stainmore Regulated Pasture

Winton & Kaber Regulated Common

Langstrath Commoners' Association

Ravenstonedale Common Graziers Association

Commoners are showing an interest to join a Commons Council

It's the AGM season for many commoners' associations and we are hearing back from the Chairmen.

So far Derwent, Kinniside, Moorhouse, Eskdale and West Mallerstang commoners' associations have confirmed their expression of interest to be part of a Commons Council.

That's great news and we'll keep updating the list.

If anyone wants more information about commons councils, please get in touch.


Well attended meetings on establishing a commons council

We've now held three well attended meetings for the Chairmen and members of local commoners' associations about commons councils, their functiond and roles, what we need to do to establish one and how much it might cost to run a council.

For information on Commons Councils

You can read the presentation given at these meetings by clicking on the link below.

Meetings to discuss starting a commons council

A considerable number of chairmen of commoners’ associations all over Cumbria and Northumberland are showing an interest in starting a commons council. As a result we are planning a series of meetings to explain more about what a commons council can and can't do, hear the view of commoners and gauge whether there is sufficient interest to take this further.

Restarting the process to establish a Commons Council for Cumbria

Brexit is a game changer for agriculture. The government of the United Kingdom will have to develop its own policy towards farming and rural land use to replace the Common Agricultural Policy. If commoning is to remain viable in this post-Brexit world, then commoners need to have a voice in the design of new agricultural policy and systems of payment. We believe a commons council for Cumbria is now more necessary than ever. It will give us better chance of getting heard and help us maintain the commons and promote good standards of livestock husbandry.

Federation has taken another step towards setting up a Commons Council for Cumbria

In late May we submitted an extensive proposal to the Secretary of State to set up a Commons Council for Cumbria.We are asking the Secretary of State to allow Cumbria to establish a Commons Council by order made under Section 27 of the 2006 Commons Act. If the Secretary of State is convinced that we have demonstrated  prima facie (evidence sufficient to prove a particular proposition) substantial support for a commons council in Cumbria, then there are still a number of steps to achieve as follows:

Commons Council - Cumbria Farmer Article April 2013

The April Edition of the Cumbria Farmer published an article about the thinking behind setting up a Commons Council for Cumbria and why the Federation of Cumbria Commoners is working with Defra and Natural England to set up a single management system for commons.

Below is the text of the article - you can also download the published article

There still is time to be one of the first commons to join the Commons Council

Does your commoners association want to join a Cumbria Commons Council?

Recently we have sent letters to the Chairmen/ Secretaries of commoners associations who have not yet made a commitment to be part of a Commons Council. We want to encourage them to take part. You can download and read a copy of the letter by clicking below.

Go-ahead for next steps to create a Cumbria Commons Council

The Federation has got funding to take the commons council forward

Many of you will know that this has been a long road with slow progress at times but we now have Defra support and a fresh momentum for taking things to the next stage – and we need your help to create a Commons Council for Cumbria.

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