Cumbria Commons Council Consultation

Plans for a Commons Council for Cumbria are moving forward

Many of you took part in the consultation earlier this year on how a proposed Cumbria Commons Council would work - its functions, rules and costs. These proposals can be found below.

Commoners and landowners from 15 of the largest commons have voted by a substantial majority for a council with the powers to make legally binding rules on all those using the common for agricultural purposes. This will help improve the grazing and vegetation management on their common.

Results of Commons Council Consultation

The results of the voting show that there is considerable support for a Cumbria Commons Council.  Fourteen local associations voted YES. They are:

The Voting has Begun

Your Common, Your Voice

Graziers, non graziers and owners of 29 commons in Cumbria have been sent voting papers. They are being asked if they are in favour of their local Commons Association joing a Commons Council for Cumbria. All voting papers must be returned to Charlotte Raw at H & H Bowe by February 28th.

The Federation of Cumbria Commoners is supporting a “YES” vote.  Dave Smith, Chairman of the Federation says;

Proposal for Consultation on setting up a Commons Council

Over 140 people attended the first round of consultation meetings on whether we should establish a Commons Council in Cumbria. They were introduced to the proposal for consultation and asked for their views on the functions, membership, regulations and financing of a Council.

The second round of consultation meetings will take place in the week beginning February 14th. Quite a few local commons associations are going to hold their own meetings in between these two rounds to discuss the proposal. 

To download the proposal and fact sheets, please click here.


Information on Commons Council Consultation Meetings

Twenty local commons associations have expressesd an interest in taking part in the Commons Council Consultation process.

All members, both active and non-active graziers, along with owners and other stakeholders have been invited to attend two meetings. At the first, the draft proposal for the Council will be set out and participants will be provided with documentation to take away and consider. At the second meeting participansts will be asked to vote, via secret ballot, on whether they would like their  CL unit to be part of the Council.

Do you want to be part of a Commons Council for Cumbria?

Natural England are funding Julia Aglionby of H & H Bowe and Viv Lewis of the Federation of Cumbria Commoners to prepare a submission for the establishment of a commons council in Cumbria. This can only be done where there is substantial support among commoners (especially those exercising rights), owners, and others with legal interests.

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