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HLS and uniform start dates

We have received the following from Steve Lund, Delivery Manager, Natural England, Cumbria

I want to make sure that the Federation of Cumbria Commoners and its members are aware of the upcoming changes to payments for HLS agreements which have been publicised over the last few months but which will have a considerable impact on some agreements.

CAP Reform Countdown

Defra have issued the first CAP Reform Countdown newsletter.

It constains:

TB and cattle movements on common land

Defra have produced further guidance on TB catle movement controls and common land.

Briefly, if you are in an annual testing area fom 30 June 2014 all cattle aged over 42 days of age must be pre-movement tested before moving to and from common land.

For movements back from the common, farmers can carry out a post-movement test instead to reflect the fact that in most cases, TB testing on common land is impractical and dangerous.

Changes to cattle movement controls on commons

There is currently an exemption from pre-movement testing for movements of cattle to and from common land.

From 30 June 2014, the default will be that all cattle aged over 42 days of age moving to and from common land in the annual testing area must be pre-movement tested.

You can read the information note from Defra here.

Scheme Development Bulletin Agri-environment in 2014 and beyond

Defra has unveiled more details of the New Environmental Land Management Scheme (NELMS) to start in 2016. Resources will be "constrained". Currently, 70% of England's farmland is covered by agri-environment schemes, this is likely to fall to 35-40 per cent of the agricultural area.

Land Management Update - February Issue

Natural England's latest issue of Land Management Update, newsletter to partners, stakeholders and land managers involved in land management delivery and agri-environment schemes is available.

In this issue the main features include

·       A report on the achievements of the Higher Level Stewardship Programme at the end of 2013.

·       The Uplands Delivery Review

Land transfers in Environmental Stewardship

2014 is a transition year for agri-environment schemes, before the new environmental land management scheme starts in 2016.

Natural England has put arrangements in place to allow land transfers. The principles behind land transfers have changed:

  • No new land entered into ELS (unless the land is eligible for ELS under the transition arrangements for 2014)
  • No extension to the term of the existing ELS agreements beyond the current end date.

So what does this mean?

Part 1 of Commons Act 2006 to be implemented in Cumbria

Defra ministers announced today via a Written Ministerial Statement published in Parliament that there will be a further implementation of Part 1 of the Commons Act 2006 in England.

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