Report on the work of Farmer Networks - showcasing the Cumbria Farmer Network

This report  was commissioned by the Royal Agricultural Society of England. Its purpose was to understand how existing Farmer Networks operate, consider the value of Farmer Networks and positive change the bring to farmers. The Cumbria Farmer Network Ltd is one of the five case studies - it's mission is to "Inform, Educate and Support those involved iwth farming".

NFU report: Farming Delivers for the Hills and Uplands

Farming Delivers for the Hills and Uplands

Keeping livestock on the hills is the key to maintaining the character of areas like the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales and Dartmoor, the NFU said this week.  

A new report, ‘Farming Delivers for the Hills and Uplands’ was launched at the NFU highlights how sheep and cattle have for hundreds of years shaped some of the country’s most iconic landscapes and communities. It also illustrates how producers continue to deliver high quality British beef and lamb in these areas.  

Rural Business Research Intelligence from the Regions

Twice a year staff of Rural Busines Reasearch provide up to the minute information from their Regions on what is happening on farms and local markets together with a summary of current attitudes and concerns. The website; has the latest collated report. Comments are welcome as well as any queries; please contact the Editor;

Extract from the key points of the report.

Beef and Sheep

Ecosystems services

The ongoing changes in ecosystems services include: stable or improving indicators linked to freshwaters and soils; an 8% reduction in plant diversity between 1978 and 2007 and nectar plant diversity has also declined. The reasons for much of this decline remain unexplained but they could often be due to delayed responses to early 20th Century habitat fragmentation, rural depopulation and agricultural intensification. The widespread uptake of agri-environment schemes could make a major difference. For more information download a summary report here

High ground, high potential - a future for England's upland communities

The Commission for Rural Communities upland report provides a ringing endorsement of the importance of hill farming to the identity and character of the English Uplands.

To download the report please follow the link below.

Trends in Pastoral Commoning

This research was commissioned by Natural England in 2009 to provide an understanding of pastoral commoning. The data was collected by the Pastoral Commoning Partnership which included members of the Federation of Cumbria Commoners.

The report finds that commons are extremely variable, depending on their geography, livestock type and numbers, livestock systems, recreational interests, role of owners and external stakeholder involvement. To download the report follow the link below.

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