Commoners need to inform RPA NOW if their 2015 payments is incorrect

We have heard from the RPA that not many commoners have contacted them about mistakes in their 2015 payments. If you suspect that your payment is incorrect then you must let RPA know as soon as possible.

You can phone them on 03000 200 301, e-mail or write to Rural Payments Agency, PO Box 69, Reading, RG1 3YD

RPA are undertaking what they are calling a planed reconciliation process to resolve farmers' BPS 2015 queries but if they don't receive queries from commoners they can't respond to them.

We have been told that you will not be receiving a claim statement that clearly sets out how much money is paid on the common and other land you farm as the computer system is unable to provide this information. However, the RPA say they are willing to talk through the payment schedule with individual commoners.

In time, you should be able to do your own calculations as the RPA plans to upload the information they hold for each Common Land Unit along with the total number of livestock units claimed on each unit on the website. You should be able to calculate your percentage of the total common and use the RPA conversion table to calculate your payment per common. The Federation may be able to help you with this process.

We have also been told that the RPA are planning to pay commoners who are entitled to receive additional entitlements and additional SPS payments resulting from the legal challenge by Minchinhampton and Rodborough commons by the end of October. This additional payment will be very welcome.