Defra publishes plans for CAP reform – we plan to respond and would like your views

Defra’s CAP reform consultation is out and will seek views on a wide range of policy areas. The document is available on-line.

One of the clear priorities underpinning Defra’s CAP consultation is the desire to move money uphill.There are two basic proposals. One is to effectively retain the status quo. The other would see the lowland and SDA payments converge and an uplift to the moorland payment. If the SDA rates were raised to the same level as the lowland rate - and the same cash increase applied to moorland payments - then rates could be closer to €236/ha (£210/ha) for lowland and SDA farmers and €62/ha(£53/ha) for moorland producers.

The consultation confirms Defra’s desire to levy the maximum 15 per cent modulation rate in England. It also reveals that Defra plans to implement greening in England on the basis of the European Commission’s proposed three conditions: crop diversification, permanent pasture and ecological focus areas.

Other cases where the Government has a clear view are:

  • to roll on the existing SPS payment entitlements to the new scheme - although the rules for claiming direct payments on commons have not yet been published by the European Commission.
  • not to introduce a coupled support scheme in England
  • minimum size claim should be fixed at 5 hectares
  • not to link paymnets to an Area of Natural Constraint designation

Elsewhere it is seeking views, for example on transfers between pillars, approaches on greening and on future rural development priorities.

The consultation is open for four weeks. Defra is organising a stakeholder event in Penrith Monday 11 November at 2pm. In order to attend, you are required to pre-register

We strongly encourage you to pre-register and attend the event to get your views heard - we will be attending.

We will also respond to the written consultation, please make you views known to us either phone Viv  on 01931 713335 or e-mail or talk to your local committee member To find out who they are click here.