Do you want to be part of a Commons Council for Cumbria?

Natural England are funding Julia Aglionby of H & H Bowe and Viv Lewis of the Federation of Cumbria Commoners to prepare a submission for the establishment of a commons council in Cumbria. This can only be done where there is substantial support among commoners (especially those exercising rights), owners, and others with legal interests.

This work will include identifying commons to be included, clarifying costs and benefits, consulting with all relevant people, agreeing draft rules and determining membership and representation. There has to be substantial support for a Commons Council before anything goes ahead.

If you are interested in your common being one of the first to join and influence the development of the Commons Council, please let Viv (our administrator) know on 01931 713335.

To read the initial letter sent to the Chairs of local commons associations click here