Federation has taken another step towards setting up a Commons Council for Cumbria

In late May we submitted an extensive proposal to the Secretary of State to set up a Commons Council for Cumbria.We are asking the Secretary of State to allow Cumbria to establish a Commons Council by order made under Section 27 of the 2006 Commons Act. If the Secretary of State is convinced that we have demonstrated  prima facie (evidence sufficient to prove a particular proposition) substantial support for a commons council in Cumbria, then there are still a number of steps to achieve as follows:

  1. Defra will draft an establishment order based on our proposed structure with Cumbria is divided into five areas for the purpose of representation as follows:East Fellside; Howgills; North Lakes; South Lakes; Central Lakes
  2. Defra will instigate another round of consultation on the draft establishment order
  3. Defra will consder the consultation responses, they must take particular note of the responses from the following people:
  • persons who have rights of common over the common;
  • persons with a right over, or who occupy, the common (other than rights of common);and
  • persons who have a legal function related to the maintenance or management of  the common.
  1. If the results show substantial support then an establsihment order will be drawn up.

So there is still a long way to go.

To read the report we have sent to Defra click here: