Rooted in Cumbria

The Federation of Cumbria Commoners is a member-led organisation dedicated to promoting commoning in Cumbria. Our overall aim is to maintain and improve the viability of hill farming on common land.

We want this website to:

  • Inform you about new issues in commoning
  • Let you know what we are doing
  • Make our voice heard all over the world and much more

New commons information on website

Staff from both Defra and Natural England have been working with writers to reformat the guidance on commons for the government’s website GOV.UK.

There are now fewer pages on commons, these are:
•    Carrying out works on common land

Defra spending cut by 15%

Defra has seen its budget reduced by 15% as part of the government's spending review. In it, Chancellor Osborne set out the government's four-year plan to "fix the public finances, return the country to surplus and run a healthy economy".

Efficiencies programme

Letter from CEO of Natural England

In October James Cross, CEO of Natural England completed his 1st year of office. He has sent round a letter explaining what he has achieved.

You can download his letter here

Concerns in Dartmoor over HL15 - Seasonal Livestock Exclusion supplement

We have been sent the following from commoner in Dartmoor you can also find this story at NFU online

Depending on the outcome this may affect some commoners in Cumbria.

Four top mistakes to avoid on comon land claims

Out of approximately 3,500 commons claim forms that the RPA posted out, they have so far received more than 1,000 back. A small proportion of these have unfortunately failed the first validation check.

According to Anna Logan of the NFU, she says in her blog that the four main reasons for failure so far have been:

BPS claims on common land are unlikley to get paid till February 2016

Mark Grimshaw, CEO of the Rural Payments Agency announced at the NFU Council Meeting on 13th October  that common land BPS claimants are complex cases so unlikely to receive payments until February 2016 at the earliest.

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