Go ahead from Defra to establish a commons council

After months of waiting it seems like the Commons Council can go full steam ahead!

Defra have answered our outstanding questions and set out a timetable for establishing a council as follows.

  • Order to be drafted - January 2018
  • Formal consultation - February 2018 (Defra to draft document in consultation with you)
  • Order to be laid in Parliament – April 2018
  • Order made -  May 2018

The Federation is keen to make this happen and we are discussing the timetable with Defra. We will work hard to design a council that works for Cumbria and Northumberland.

In our commons council establishment order we have to decide:

  • the area covered by the commons council – this is the CL units that want to join the council
  • how the people with legal interest in these CL Units (the electorate) will be represented  including:
    • the number of wards/ divisions  -  in Dartmoor they call them Quarters and in Bodmin they call them Sections
    • the number of council members
    • who the council members represent as we have three types of electorate – active graziers, non-active graziers, and landowners

Our next newsletter, out in January and sent to all members will explain the design in more detail. 

The map below shows roughly where the CL units/ commoners’ associations interested in joining a council are located. The purple pins (21) represent commoners’ associations who got agreement at their AGM this year to join a council. The blue pins (13 ) represent  Chairmen/ Secretaries of commoners’ associations who responded to my letter sent last December saying they were interested in taking part in establishing a commons council, but haven’t given word back. We will be contact these commons to check that this is still the case.

There is still time for other commoners' associations to join the council. Please get in touch in you are interested.