Good news - 2016 BPS Payments on their Way to Commoners

We have heard from the Foundation for Common Land (FCL) today that Defra Ministers have authorised the RPA to make BPS payments to as many commoners as possible by the end of December 2016. This includes commoners who have unresolved issues with their 2015 payments.

Over the last eight weeks the Foundation for Common Land together with the National Farmers Union (NFU) and the Central Association of Agricultural Valuers (CAAV) have been meeting regularly with senior RPA staff to highlight and work through the substantial number of issues that have affected payments on common land. Many of these are now being addressed and they will continue to meet to assess progress.

At last some good news for our members and all commoners at Christmas time. If RPA are true to their word commoners will receive equal treatment with other farmers and not have to wait months for their payments. We will be keeping an eye on this and report back to FCL if we think RPA are not delivering.

You can read the press release from FCL here.