Guides of Good Practice

Natural England's Common Land Toolkit

Natural England have published (April 2011) practical guidance for those involved with common land which remains under practical agricultural management by farmers and commoners. They can be used by practitioners seeking the sustainable management of commons to provide the widest possible range of public benefits.

The documents provide background information on commons, technical and legal aspects relating to commons and defining or constraining their management, and help for those involved with management.The toolkit provides 20 Fact Sheets and Guidance Notes. To download individual guidance sheets click here 

Federation of Cumbria Commoners Guides of Good Practice

The Federation of Cumbria Commoners prepared a series of Guides of Good Practice on key issues in order to help Commons Associations promote good management. There are 9 of these Guides, the latest versions of which can be downloaded by clicking on the following items.

The Guides have been prepared with support from a range of experts and experienced commoners.