High Hopes – CLA report on the Uplands

High Hopes - CLA report on the uplands is a follow-up to the Commission for Rural Communities (CRC) report of July 2010, which convincingly documented the nature of the Uplands, their potential and the factors preventing the Uplands from achieving their potential. The CLA agrees with the broad thrust of the CRC report and most of its recommendations.

The report summarises the CRC analysis and then expands on the Commission's recommendations. There is not a single or simple set of policy adjustments required to help realise all this potential. For this reason it is argued that some overall co-ordination at ministerial level is required and an appropriate and convincing delivery structure.

The main part of the report is a discussion of the 10 areas of policy which require attention to unleash the potential of the Uplands. It pays pay particular attention to four areas:

  • the changes in the main existing support policy, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)
  • ideas for bringing in new sources of finance especially for carbon and water
  • the need for vital infrastructure especially broadband
  • changes in the planning system and its application to enable rural economic diversification and to provide affordable rural housing.

    Specific recommendations are summarised at the end of the report. Download High Hopes – CLA report on the Uplands.