John Muir Trust now lease Glenridding common

We received the following e-mail from the Lake District National Park Authority

13th December 2017

Dear Viv Lewis


Re: Completion of lease for Glenridding Common to the John Muir Trust


Further to our letter of 29th June regarding the Members decision to agree a lease for an initial period of three years to the John Muir Trust, we have been working over recent months to conclude the necessary arrangements to enshrine the various commitments within a formal lease. I am pleased to confirm that this process is now complete and that the lease arrangements are now in place and operational.


In accordance with those proposals agreed with our Members, the lease will stand for a term of three years and reflects the comments and views of the various representations during the consultation period. As discussed within that consultation period we see the future as one of a partnership, working together with the John Muir Trust and all those who have an interest within the common to ensure its effective management.


The John Muir Trust will now assume operational responsibility for the Common and they will be looking to work closely with the two commoners who graze the land, the Parish Council and other stakeholders who have an interest in caring for the land. From this point forward therefore Pete Barron on telephone number 07960 958347, will be the primary point of contact on the ground within the John Muir Trust.


If you would like to discuss any aspect of this arrangement with us then please feel free to contact either myself or Helen Lancaster, our new Property Services Manager.


Yours sincerely

Mark Hoggar

Head of Programmes & Resources