Lake District National Park decides to lease Glenridding common to John Muir Trust

We are disappointed that the Members of the Lake District National Park Authority (LDNPA) voted in favour of leasing Glenridding Common for a three-year term subject to agreement and signing of the lease. Given that the Federation was the only organisation objecting to this proposal, their decision was hardly surprising.

The LDNPA states that it held an extensive public consultation - a necessary condition but is this sufficient? A reliable consultation needs to have an informed public to get a robust result. What does not seem to be apparent in their report is how much understanding the consultees actually had of commoning, its diversity and practices. Did LDNPA make the assumption that the consultees were well acquainted with commoning? Should considered weighting have been given to stakeholders in this type of consultation i.e. the views of those living and earning from Glenridding and contiguous commons and those living in the parish be given greater weight than other consultees. It is the local commoners and residents that are the primary stakeholders here.

Now the decision is made, the Federation commits to encourage JMT to actively communicate and engage with, including seeking the participation of the two graziers, the contiguous graziers and the Federation  in all aspects of the development and implementation their management plan. If the graziers are unable to work directly with JMT then the Federation will be the conduit between JMT and the graziers.