LFA designation in the spotlight after 40 years - let us know what you think

A new Government consultation on the way LFAs are designated is in process. The European Commission has proposed to replace LFAs with a new designation known as Areas of Natural Constraint (ANC). This requires a mapping exercise to ensure that land which is agriculturally disadvantaged is captured under the new ANC designation.  LFA land is typically associated with the Uplands of England, but changes may see some designated areas lose their status and new areas come in as agricultural land facing constraint may be located anywhere in the country.

The online consultation, launched by Defra, will help form a part of the on-going CAP reform negotiations. Defra has provided an interactive map to accompany the consultation which allows farmers to search using place name and postcode against a number of different criteria. The maps allow farmers to identify whether any particular area of land (down to field parcel level) is within the published iteration of Areas facing Natural Constraints.  More information, including maps and guidance, can be found at http://www.defra.gov.uk/consult/2013/02/01/areas-facing-natural-constraints-1302/.  The consultation runs until 27th March.

It is important that we make our views heard.

Some areas now designated as LFA land will not be classified as ANC land - this is land mainly at the margins of the old LFA areas. Please check  your land on the interactive map and if you have any concerns let Viv know. To hep you understand how it works I have downloaded a map of the Ellonby/Skelton area and it shows that some areas are moving out of the LFA designation - see image below.

The Federation is planning to provide a response to Defra but we need the information from you to make a powerful response.