Low carbon emissions from upland beef and sheep production

A pioneering project of 20 farms in the Cambrian Mountains has found that local beef and lamb production has some of the lowest carbon emissions in the UK. A report of the study’s findings will be launched as part of HRH, The Prince of Wales Start Festival at the National Botanic Gardens of Wales, Wednesday 8 September. The study analysed the carbon footprints of each farm, based on their individual farming practices. Factors measured include greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural management, existing land use, and fuel/energy use. James Raw, Chairman of the Cambrian Mountains Lamb Producer Group said: “It’s been great to see that the red meat produced in the Cambrian Mountains is some of the greenest in the UK. Members of the group are particularly pleased to see how their own farms contributed to carbon absorption and I was very pleased with my own carbon footprint results.” To find out more see http://www.cambrianmountains.co.uk/index