Voting members

Every person who has registered rights on any common in Cumbria or who is a member of a Commoners Association is entitled to be a member of the Federation.

Membership fees are charged at £20 per annum (Jan - Dec). A large proportion of the membership fees are collected and paid for by the local Commoners Associations.

Members are entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting and other extraordinary meeting called by the Committee.  Members are eligible to stand for election to the committee as long as they are a grazier or a member of a Commons Association and are not excluded as outlined in the Constitution.  

Non-voting members

Affiliate membership is available to commoners and members of Commons Associations in Lancashire and Northumberland. Their representatives can be co-opted onto the committee. They pay the same subscription rate as full members.

Associate membership is available to anybody interested in supporting the Federation. They pay the same rate as full members

Corporate membership is available to any organisation or businesses upon payment of the subscription rate

To become a member of  the Federation download the membership form below and return it to our administrator either by post or email.