New venture to create a Fell Pony Heritage Centre is looking for support

Are you interested in supporting a fell pony heritage centre? We have recieved the following information from Libby Robinson

Did you know that…

  • Semi feral herds of fell ponies helped create the landscape of the Lake District and conserve the flora and fauna through their grazing?
  • Fell ponies were used as working animals on hill farms and were crucial to their success?
  • The fell pony is now an endangered species?
  • The traditional skills in using ponies in hill farm work are being lost?

 Our vision is to establish a heritage centre to protect the fell pony breed characteristics and preserve the working practices for future generations.

 The centre will be an educational establishment and centre of excellence. We envisage that the centre will run special days for school children enabling them to experience how ponies would have been used on a traditional hill farm. We also plan to provide longer courses and apprenticeships to adults thus enabling the skills to be more widely shared and the centre to survive long term.

 The centre will welcome visitors to learn about fell pony history and to see them in their natural environment. It will enable them to observe daily demonstrations of working fell ponies and to participate in other activities such as going out for a carriage ride.

 The centre will run a semi feral fell pony herd on the fells both to produce working stock for the centre and for sale, thus ensuring the traditional breed characteristics are preserved.

 Libby Robinson is the inspiration behind the centre. She grew up in the Lake District and she has been breeding and working fell ponies for over 40 years. In her past life she has been a shepherdess and a lecturer/examiner at agricultural colleges.

 We look forward to hearing your thoughts on this proposal and to learning how we can work with the commoners in future. We welcome enquiries from commoners with grazing rights for ponies interested in exploring the opportunity of conservation grazing.


For more information or to share your feedback please contact Libby Robinson via email or Libby’s brother, Vivian Griffiths on Ambleside 01539 422723.