Proud and delighted that the Lake District is to be a world heritage site.

The Federation of Cumbria Commoners is delighted that the Lake District National Park is to be a world heritage site.

We are immensely proud that the work of past and present hill farmers and shepherds has been recognised of international importance by UNESCO.  Over the centuries our forebears developed a system of communal grazing on the fells using local hardy breeds of hefted sheep, they shaped a biodiverse landscape of exceptional beauty. Commoning is still deeply interwoven into local life and culture. It has stood the test of time by constantly evolving to take account of shifts in global markets, government policies and new technology.

In the wake of Brexit we are facing uncertain times and our way of farming on marginal land is at risk. Our aim is to see the present number of farm holdings retained in the Lake District so that the special qualities recognised by UNESCO are still around into the next century and beyond. We ask the government to support hill farming into the future so that commoning can continue to produce food, environment and cultural heritage for the people of the UK.