RPA are slowly paying commoners waiting for their full BPS 2015 payment

We have worked with the Foundation for Common Land (FCL), the National Farmers Union, the Country Landowners Association, Yorkshire Federation, Dartmoor Commoners Council and others to put pressure on RPA to complete BPS 2015 payments for commoners. At the end of November 1200 commoners (many in Cumbria) were still waiting for their full payment.

We have sent letters to George Eustice, Mark Grimshaw and Cumbrian MPs. The latter have been supportive and are putting pressure on Defra/RPA and eventually met with Paul Caldwell Operations Director, RPA in Carlisle.

At last the RPA now admits that their current computer system fails to deliver for common land claimants. A major unresolved issue is that the computer system is unable to send out detailed claim statements to commoners. So commoners will receive payments but they cannot work out if they are accurate.  We believe this is unfair.

Right now RPA’s immediate priority is to pay 90% of BPS 2016 by the end of December including some commoners (the easy cases).  Many of the 1200 cases will have to wait till January.

Julia Aglionby, Executive Director of FCL and one of our committee members, along with NFU and CAAV is meeting Paul Caldwell, RPA’s Operations Director on a weekly basis to discuss RPA’s performance.

If you have an issue you wished to be discussed at these meetings, please get in touch.