RPA even further away from paying BPS 15 on commons

A press release from RPA yesterday revealed that around 3,500 claims from landowners with rights to common land are yet to be paid.

Commoners continue to bear the brunt of the RPA  fiasco and unfortunately there is not much light at the end tunnel.

RPA are now planning another round of communications with commoners, but given their current poor form it is most unlikely they will meet the payment dates set out in the letters.The impact of late payments is taking its toll on hill farm businesses and there are many desperate commoners out there. Once again the RPA press release brings bad news for commoners, is bad for rural  communities and bad for common land.

Equally bad, Defra staff  seem to be living on another planet. Yesterday, they proposed to postpone a meeting of the Direct Payments Working Group (made up of Defra staff and farm industry representatives) because according to Defra there were not "sufficient, substantive agenda items for the meeting to go ahead."

Come off it guys, do you really mean this? What about the 10,000 claimants waiting to be paid BPS15 and the considerable hardship this is causing? What about the issues with the 2016 application process, the lack of entitlement statements etc.?