Sheep movements on and off commons

Movements to/from Commons

Defra have been making changes to some of the rules concerning livestock movements.

If you have use of a Common that borders your holding you can register a link between the two. You can then move sheep or goats between the two without reporting those moves.

When you move your animals back from the Common to your home holding, standstill will apply to your home holding. The only moves permitted within that standstill period are either back to the Common or, if you’ve gathered someone else’s animals by mistake along with your own, you can take those animals back to the common or to their home holding.

Standstill is triggered on a Common when someone moves animals onto it, but moves of animals back to their home holdings are permitted within that standstill period.

You can request a Commons link (or check if you already have one) by phoning the Defra helpline on: 03459 33 55

If your holding is not linked to a Common (but you have a right to use a common), then movements between that holding and a common must be reported and recorded.

For more details you can download this leaflet