Sustainable Management of UK Peatlands

UK peatlands provide society with a wide range of “ecosystem services”: In good condition, they help regulate our climate, provide clean water, reduce downstream flood risk, support wildlife and provide us all with wild, open spaces in which to roam and escape. However, many peatlands have been damaged by former activities such as drainage and over-grazing.Sustainable management is essential to maintain the wide range of benefits that peatlands provide.

This new report 'Policy Options for Sustainable Management of UK Peatlands’ from a team of researchers led by Mark Reed, University of Aberdeen reviews a wide range of rolicy options to faciliate sustainable  peatland management and provides a number of specific considerations for future UK peatland policy including:

  • National co-ordination of peatland policy and knowledge exchange
  • Restoration of  peatlands damaged by inappropriate management
  • Access private finance for peatland restoration via carbon markets
  • Improve links between agricultural payments and provision of ecosystem services
  • Encourage cross-boundary collaboration between peatland stakeholders
  • Improve the planning system to benefit peatlands

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