There still is time to be one of the first commons to join the Commons Council

Does your commoners association want to join a Cumbria Commons Council?

Recently we have sent letters to the Chairmen/ Secretaries of commoners associations who have not yet made a commitment to be part of a Commons Council. We want to encourage them to take part. You can download and read a copy of the letter by clicking below.

We have also sent letters to the Chairmen/ Secretaries of the 16 commoners associations who voted by a substantial majority to establish a Cumbria Commons Council. The purpose of the letter was to ask for confirmation that they still wanted their common to be included in the Establishment Order and for permission to hold data on a "live" register to be complied, maintained and updated by the Commons Council. This letter is available to download below.

If you want to find out more about Commons Councils - download our updated leaflet or get in touch with Viv 01931 713335