Update on Asulam for bracken control

Some of you will be aware that the chemical Asulam, used to control bracken, is to be removed from the market. However Defra and others are still trying to reverse the EU decision.

Simon Thorpe, from the Heather Trust, has updated the situation. As I now understand it Asulam will still be available for use 2012 under the use-up provisions. The message is that as far as possible it will be business as usual. During 2012, the contractors (helicopter and ground based companies) will be able to apply Asulam for landowners and managers, providing it was purchased before 31 December 2011.

The advice to landowners and land managers is to contact your contractor before 31 October 2011 to ensure your requirements can be met.

There will be no justification for 'panic buying'.

The makers will be able to meet requests to purchase the normal annual consumption of Asulam before the end of 2011, so that it can be made available for 2012.

Defra and the Chemical Regulations Directorate of the Health & Safety Executive are the relevant agencies for the whole UK and their help in the process to date was gratefully acknowledged and their continuing support was welcomed.

The establishment of a Bracken Control Group will be considered as a way to represent the bracken control industry and provide support for the re-registration process.

They now have a website see http://www.brackencontrol.co.uk/