Visitors from Ireland and Wales

The Federation hosted two groups of visitors this summer keen to learn about how we manage our commons. Despite the really wet summer, we had glorious weather for both visits.

In the last week of May,seven  23 delegates from Teagasc (the Irish Agriculture and Food Development Forum) and Rural Development Companies from across Ireland came to Cumbria for three days. They also visited Scotland. They wanted to learn more about common land policy and management and we organised a programme of farm visits and lectures. The visit was a great success. A Visit Report is available to read.


In the first week of August we hosted a group of Welsh commoners who graze Abergwesyn common. They wanted to learn more about how we do things in Cumbria and how we manage agri-envornment schemes. We took them to the Howgills, Pennines and Lake District on to farms with Rough Fell, Swaledale and Herwick sheep. We exchanged experience and ideas and also had a good time. 

A big thank you to the Cumbrian farmers who hosted these groups on their farms.