Well attended meetings on establishing a commons council

We've now held three well attended meetings for the Chairmen and members of local commoners' associations about commons councils, their functiond and roles, what we need to do to establish one and how much it might cost to run a council.

For information on Commons Councils

You can read the presentation given at these meetings by clicking on the link below.

We've set up a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Cumbriacommonscouncil/ so if you have any more questions please post them on the page and we’ll try to answer them.

Our latest newsletter is full of information on commons councils

Next steps

We need to know if your commoners’ association is interested before we take this any further. Therefore we encourage all commoners to get involved, take ownership of the Commons Council and protect commoning into the future.

Please can you:

  • Put Commons Councils on the agenda of your AGM
  • Check that your fellow commoners have read this article so they are better informed when they go to your AGM
  • See our Facebook page for more information https://www.facebook.com/Cumbriacommonscouncil/ post questions, your thoughts, suggestions for everybody to read
  • Talk to Federation Committee members
  • At your AGM find out if a majority are interested – show of hands
  • Encourage other commoners’ associations to join
  • Attend the Federation’s AGM – Brendon (on Exmoor) Commons Council will tell us how they are getting on
  • Let us know

If there is sufficient support we will seek an Establishment Order from the Secretary of State. This may be our only chance to get a Commons Council established, so please take this seriously.

We need you to make this happen as we don’t want to waste anybody’s time.