Getting your Common Ready for ELM –  A free event with Food!

Sedbergh Peoples Hall: Tuesday 1st March at 1800

You are invited to attend an Evening Event to inform you about Defra’s Environmental Land Management (ELM) schemes for common land. As ever commons are more complicated than sole occupancy land. Commoner’s Associations are likely to need support over the coming years to apply for ELM.

Julia Aglionby from the Foundation for Common Land will take you through what we know at present about Defra’s plans for Moorland and Rough Grazing Sustainable Farm Incentive for 2022 (SFI22).

The evening will also include a practical session on what you may need to do to get your common ready for ELM. This session is based on what we’ve learned through our DEFRA Test and Trial with the Foundation for Common Land.

We’ll be sharing tips, guidance, and tools for you to try out. This will include mapping public goods on your Common, getting your Governance in order, and putting together a Common Management Plan.

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